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Christmas Day

Hello! Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas no matter where you were or what you did. And i hope Santa brought you some nice things. I had a lovely day with a house full of family, ate some amazing food and had some great laughs especially when playing 'Who am i'. Not the best picture but all i had was my Macbook.  Face:  Mac Matchmaster foundation Rimmel bronzer Eyes: Mac Rice paper eyeshadow NYX gold shimmer pigment Benefit Bad Gal mascara Lips: Rimmel pencil in Spice Collection 2000 Cream puff lip cream in Fairy cake 3 All the clothes i wore on Christmas day were presents (sorry you cant see them in the picture) I wore leggings from Topshop that were black with a pretend leather strip down both sides. And a sleeveless blouse from Miss Guided that was pale pink with small studs all over the front. xoxo

Christmas Nails

I love painting my nails, in fact if I'm honest i have to say that i am slightly obsessed with painting my nails. To the point where i change my polish at least 3 times a week. Ive used two colours for this Christmas nail and havent gone over the top with decorations or anything so its very simple. I have used OPI's "A Ruby for Rudolph' and BarryM's 'Foil Effect in Gold' for my accent nail.  This is how it looks on my nails... As you can see i am very simple with my nails as in i dont use nail pens or anything. I am planning on changing my nails before christmas day so i will add a post of what i have :) I do feel that red is a very festive colour and this red is just slightly glittery but not in your face which is perfect for me. Happy Christmas :) <3 xoxo


                                                                                                           During November i have been loving wearing shorts and tights, even though its been freezing in the south of Kent! I love how light denim looks against dark tights and also mixing textures like leather and wool, and fur. I've also been wearing silver more than gold/costume jewelry.  As we go into December and find myself still drawn to this sort of look. I feel in a sort of rut with colours and i seem to wear the same style of clothes all the time. I've been injecting colour into my outfits by changing my nail varnish a lot and using bright summer colours. Mostly mint and baby blue.  What have you all been wearing in these colder times? I would love to know/ see on your blogs? I will post an outfit of the day over the next few days. Take care all xoxo

Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model Live

So my mum, sister and myself attended Britain and Irelands Next Top Model live in Londons Excel on Sunday 30th October. Overall i had a fab day out, full of fashion beauty, celebs, models, catwalks, freebies, competitions, food and fun! I took quite a few pictures throughout the day.... After one round of the stalls we decided we deserved a rest ... and snack! Belgium chocolate, strawberries and marshmallows :) As we were VIPs we had a few chill outs in the VIP/Bloggers lounge where you could get food and drinks and also see lots of familiar faces. It was so nice to have somewhere to rest your legs and hands after carrying around lots of bags. Me and my sister got the chance to meet Amy Childs (from TOWIE) and have a little natter. She was such a lovely person and was so friendly. I purchased one of her tops and some eyelashes which i absolutely love btw!! After lunch we stumbled across a make up demo that Tanya Burr (pixie2woo from youtube) was doing. So naturally sto

Winter Blues....

I definitely suffer with the Winter blues. Shopping and spending all of my money gives me a quick burst of happiness. But it also means new KNITWEAR <3 Where do you go for your knitwear? Do you go for cheap that will last you the season, throw it away then the following year purchase new items. Or do you pay that little extra for better quality items that will last a year or so? Now that is the question... I personally do both. I have a few key items of knitwear that i have had for a year or so now from places like Topshop, Firetrap All Saints. Of course there is a wide range of places to go for good quality knitwear. Then on the other hand i do buy quite a few things from Primark and New Look that i will wear a lot and will probably end up bootfairing or throwing out but they do the job and they do it well. I guess its personal preference where to buy your wardrobe staples from and it always interests me what other people decide to do and where they go, how

Best high street eyeliner!!!!

So ......................since i purchased the 24 hour eyeliner from Japan, thats all ive been using. Until i found this beaut! I was out in town shopping and realised i didnt have my eyeliner with i thought i would buy another. I had heard some good things out Loreal Super Liner so i instantly handed over the cash. I purchased mine from my nearest Boots store for £6.19 which isnt bad :) The Super Liner i chose to get was the 'Carbon Gloss' version. This doesnt really bother me if its glossy or not as i normally matt my eyeliner with black eyeshadow. I have used this for around a month now and love love love it !!!!! Stays on all day, and comes off easily with make up remover. If you need a new eyeliner trust...... you NEED this! p.s sorry its been a while :) xoxo


So,  this is my first lot of Eyeko products ever purchased. And i dont know about you guys but i was super impressed!  So i was having a look through Twitter the other week and noticed Eyeko were advertising a surprise box available for a limited time only and thought, hmmm i fancy getting that. So i did and to my surprise it was actually really worth it!!! It was £10 and i got a mascara, lipstick and a lipgloss. This is a picture of the mascara that came in the surprise box. i have to say I'm not that impressed with it but its quite good if you like the natural look. Dont get me wrong i sometimes go for the natural face look but i am a fan of big thick eyelashes.  But as i just said its pretty good if you go for the natural lash effect. This retails at £8.00 so for this to be part of the surprise set was a really good deal!! I also got a Lipstick in the colour hot lips which i have seen in magazines recently including great reviews and write ups so i was extremely excite

ELF Cosmetics:

I made my first order with ELF cosmetics a couple of weeks ago and have now tried out all the products. A video will be up this week.  ELF stands for Eyes Lips Face and you can order online at You can pick up items for as little as £1.00 and they are great value for money. The delivery is very fast as i ordered mine on a Thursday and it came on the Saturday.  Highly recommend this brand!!!! And like i said full reviews on the individual products that i purchased will be in a video asap (when i get to finish editing it)  Stay tuned, speak soon xoxo

Oh hello Spring!

As it has started to get a little sunny i have started to introduce some spring colour into my everyday make up and nail colour. But me being me, that means pastels and not brights. However i need to start embracing vibrant colours as this spring we will be seeing a lot of very bright faces :) Make up looks taken from recent Spring catwalk shows show this... ^ This pink eye colour in my opinion is quite wearable, and the lip colour has a lovely clash effect with the eye colour. ^ This look is more eye catching and the colour is very vibrant. On both looks the eye colour is BLOCK colour with nice lashes with a thin liquid line. Lets experiment!!!!! This use of BLOCK colour is also visible with the Spring clothes collections! So put away your winter knits ...... and lets get ready for SPRING :) xoxo

OH MY!!!

Miu Miu Sequined Satchel: I have big love for this bag!!! How amazing would this look out on a night out? Ive never really been a Miu Miu bag fan but this really caught my eye. I like how even though it is covered in sequins, it is still a very basic looking bag. No big logos, just simple sparkle! The colour is great as metal/gun metal is very popular at the moment. But at £795.... i think i'll keep dreaming xoxo

Mini Haul !

Hey,  I went shopping in London at the weekend and picked up a few bits. I have tried and tested these products and have given my personal opinion on them :) Comment if you have tried any of these products and let me know what you think about them!!   Enjoy :) xoxo Lush, Its Raining Men: Ive heard and seen a lot of reviews and hype of you tube and also on a number of blogs and thought i would give it a go. The first thing i thought when smelling this was 'Oh my!!!' and purchased it straight away. You can use this as a shower gel and a shampoo. I do have to say that as a shampoo it didn't really amaze me. It actually left my hair feeling quite greasy, but it did smell lovely!! As a shower gel it really is incredible, smells so good and you can smell it on your body for the whole day :) really worth the price. I would recommend this as a great shower gel!!!As i like it that much.....i am going to purchase another bottle as it is limited edition!!! Price £7.95 M


Hi!  As you can see this is my first Blog. Ive wanted to set one up for a while now and have finally got round to it. I will be blogging about Dance, Fashion, Beauty, and anything else that crops up in my life that i feel like sharing : ) Please follow....and stay tuned!!                                                                        J-Poppy                              xoxo