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Best high street eyeliner!!!!

So ......................since i purchased the 24 hour eyeliner from Japan, thats all ive been using. Until i found this beaut! I was out in town shopping and realised i didnt have my eyeliner with i thought i would buy another. I had heard some good things out Loreal Super Liner so i instantly handed over the cash. I purchased mine from my nearest Boots store for £6.19 which isnt bad :) The Super Liner i chose to get was the 'Carbon Gloss' version. This doesnt really bother me if its glossy or not as i normally matt my eyeliner with black eyeshadow. I have used this for around a month now and love love love it !!!!! Stays on all day, and comes off easily with make up remover. If you need a new eyeliner trust...... you NEED this! p.s sorry its been a while :) xoxo