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Winter Blues....

I definitely suffer with the Winter blues. Shopping and spending all of my money gives me a quick burst of happiness. But it also means new KNITWEAR <3 Where do you go for your knitwear? Do you go for cheap that will last you the season, throw it away then the following year purchase new items. Or do you pay that little extra for better quality items that will last a year or so? Now that is the question... I personally do both. I have a few key items of knitwear that i have had for a year or so now from places like Topshop, Firetrap All Saints. Of course there is a wide range of places to go for good quality knitwear. Then on the other hand i do buy quite a few things from Primark and New Look that i will wear a lot and will probably end up bootfairing or throwing out but they do the job and they do it well. I guess its personal preference where to buy your wardrobe staples from and it always interests me what other people decide to do and where they go, how