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OOTD Simple and comfortable

A Sunday OOTD

Hat: H and M Patterned top: River Island Vest top: Primark Black Disco pants: American Apparel  Shoes: Topshop Bag: Ebay (pretend) Fox tail: H and M So.... today was a big day for me. I agreed a long time ago to be a model for a Hairdressers in my local town. And all they said to me was that they want to keep it long so i was like great! When i turned up i ended up going bright copper/red and i actually love it. Im so happy with it, and i feel has changed the way i look for the better. When I've had the photo shoot i will do a post showing the final images. Anyway, the outfit. Comfortable, a bit different with the hat i feel and mixing the print with shiny disco pants and spiky shoes. Also My make up is quite natural and I'm not wearing any necklaces rings or bracelets as i feel the outfit is enough :) Have a lovely sunday everyone. Feel free to follow :) would mean a lot xoxo

Nailene False nails

So i've always been an acrylic girl, and when i feel like treating myself i go ahead and get my nails done. But the other day as i was roaming the beauty section of ASDA i started looking at packets of false nails and thought why don't i try some of these i mean they are so much cheaper than acrylics. So as i do i threw it in the trolley and thought nothing else of them really. But.... Oh my god i have fallen in love with these false nails (if that sort of thing can happen).  They are so great, fit nicely onto my real nails, look so natural and also are really comfortable and affordable. I am so happy i spent around 5 pounds for these nails and will be buying more of them.  On the box Nailene do recommend that you only wear them for 7 days which is a bummer but i guess i will take them off, give my nails a breather and just put some more on ? ( sorry for strange photo, was in bed really late at night with no make up on :s and wanted to get a post up about these.

Lush: Snow Fairy Wand

Hey! hope everyone is all good. I wanted to just share my thoughts about the Lush Snow Fairy Wand. I am a very big fan of Lush products and will try anything from there. I have re purchased the bottle of Snow Fairy over and over again so i thought why not try the wand. I purchased the wand on New years eve as Lush have a 50% off sale of their seasonal items. Directions..... Step One: Run your bath Step Two: Swish it around the water and also hold it under the running tap Step Three: Watch the water turn bubblegum pink and also candy floss smelling bubbles will appear :) Overall the wand is quite a fun thing to use. It kind of made me feel all excited about having a bath. When you are in the bath the smell is amazing, its all around you and you smell delicious. The bubbles go quite quickly which i was sad about really. This is great for ALL Snow Fairy Fans! Its something fun to use instead of using just normal bath liquids. Go buy it now before they all go!!!

Jewellery ...

Im not feeling very inspired with my outifts at the moment and have been turning to jewellery. Im normally more interested in my clothes than accessories but it seems to have changed. Ive bought quite a few new necklaces including chokers which i am loving and also a few more rings. I need to build up my collection to catch up with the amount of clothes i own. A few of my fav pieces from the last couple of weeks have been...    Ring: Fashionology Bracelet (Black): Links of London Bracelet: Pandora Cotton Bracelet: Holiday in Benidorm Festival wristbands  Necklace Fashionology Peace xoxo