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Washing my Make Up brushes

*I normally wash my brushes in my on suite but there was better lighting in the kitchen.

So this is a short post on how i clean my make up brushes. There are quite a few different ways i have seen people clean their brushes. Mine is a pretty bog standard way of cleaning my brushes. I use Mac brush cleaner but i am really interested in trying different ones, so i would love to know what you use!

As you can see i lay out some kitchen roll to lay the clean brushes on after washing them which i always do without fail as I'm a hygiene freak. 
  1. First of all i run the tap and get the water warm, not too hot that it burns your fingers. 
  2. I take one brush at a time and pop a bit of brush cleaner on the bristles.
  3. I run it gently through the bristles.
  4. Then i continue to rub in the cleaner but now i do so whilst holding the brush under the tap.
  5. I continue to do this until the water runs clean ( sometimes i have to repeat 2,3,4 depending on how dirty the brush is).
  6. I do this to every brush i have used.
  7. I lay them straight on the kitchen roll after cleaning them, and leave them to dry over night. Sometimes it takes a night and a day to fully dry.

Please let me know of any tips or advice that i could do to my brush cleaning routine :)
Sorry its a boring post, but its something that has to be done.



  1. With mine, I usually squirt a little bit of the brush cleaner onto a flannel and swirl my make up brushes into it before rinsing them under water. I tends to get all of the makeup out first time so it might save on your brush cleaner a bit! The ELF Daily Brush Cleaner does just as good a job as MAC Brush Cleaner, I swapped over about six months ago and the only difference I see is the price!
    Also, I put mine either in the airing cupboard or by an open window to dry. It makes them dry a bit quicker :D

    Mollie xo

    1. Thanks for your suggestions love :) Really helpful.
      I actually purchased the ELF brush cleanser a while ago but my cap broke so i couldn't use it very well so i will def re purchase :)
      Thanks for your comment

  2. I actually use shampoo and conditioner to wash my brushes. I first spray each brush with shampoo and clean thoroughly until all the residue comes off and rinse off. Then I spray each with conditioner let it sit for a bit then rinse off, and let dry. My brushes smells good afterwards...I love it! :)

    1. Thanks for the comment and your suggestions! I will def be trying out shampoo. I have seen some videos with shampoo and conditioner :) I will hunt out a really nice smelling one to use.

  3. I've just nominated you for an award!

    Also feel free to enter my blog give away! x

    ..F A S H E R N A B L Y - L A T E..

    1. Oh thanks lovely :) Thats really nice of you.
      Yes i will have a look of course


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