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Stripes R Us

Dress: Topshop petite  Waterfall Cardi: Matalan Leggings: Missguided  Shoes: Vans Bag: Ebay Necklace: Urban Outfitters Bracelet 1: Tiffany & Co Bracelet 2: Tourist shop in Benidorm Nails: Models Own This outfit was from Friday and has only just been put up as Ive been away for a big dancing competition over the weekend. Basically it was dress down day at school so teachers and staff get to wear what they want too. I picked out something that would be comfortable and also something that i could wear into town shopping after work too. The bag i chose to take was a bit small i have to say and couldn't fit all my books and folders in so i did sport a Sainsburys bag for life to work too. As this outfit was for work i wanted to keep the make up to a minimum and just put lashings and lashings of mascara on and bright blue nail varnish. Also the weather has been crazy in the UK lately so wearing a dress with short sleeves and a cardi is a go

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil

This was a sneaky purchase last week or the week before, and ever since the first time of using this i was very impressed.  Before purchasing this i was a Bio Oil bath time lady , but i have to say i probably won't be using it again (in my baths anyway). The first time i tried this was in the bath, and while my hot water was running i popped a little bit in directly underneath the tap so it mixed it around the water. The smell was gorgeous and filled my bathroom with a lovely Almond smell good enough to eat. As soon as my skin touched the water i could feel the silky softness of my skin. The water had turned slightly milky looking and through out my whole bath kept giving off the lovely scent. This product made it incredibly easy and enjoyable to shave my legs because the razor just slid across my skin with such ease. All in all with regards to using this in the bath i am hooked and enjoy baths a lot more now because of this product. It helps me relax, smells delicious a

Avenue Q: My experience

Hello lovely people! So this is a bit of a different post to what i normally do but i had to share my experience with you all. For christmas as one of my presents my parents got me two tickets to see Avenue Q as i have always loved things like the Muppets and as it had puppets in they were like, yeah she'll love it. So the day came and i dragged my boyfriend along with me. I really didn't know what to expect, on one hand i thought will they be puppets on strings, or will you see the people holding them? I just didn't know. As the curtains came up you saw an amazing set which gave the look of a row of houses which was on Avenue Q and a man with a puppet strolls on and begins the show with the first song. Im a lover of musicals but this was no ordinary musical, as it contained songs like "The internet is for Porn" . It was definitely for the older age group as it contained swearing and also sexual content. But i have to say within the first five minutes i was

Hello new hair!

Cardi-Topshop (old) V neck-American Apparel Jeggings/Leggings-Topshop (old) Slippers/Shoes-Topshop (xmas stock) Watch-Michael Kors Hey everyone :) So, i fancied a change and decided orange wasn't for me anymore and the colour 'fire' from the crazy colour range was. I was so scared doing it as it stains your skin so easily and it took around 3 washes for it to come of my scalp a little bit. But yeah its classed as an intense red, however i do feel it looks more like a red/pink kind of colour. Anyway i would love to know what you guys think of it! And please feel free to ask me any questions about the colour change process. This outfit is pretty much what I'm living in at the moment. Items that are comfortable and that i can dress up or down if i wanted to. To start with i am loving wearing my boyfriends V neck top from American Apparel. Its so nice to be able to wear a t shirt that can actually look flattering on instead of looking f

Laura Mercier: Metallic Creme Eye Colour

    Hello beautiful people! So i made i cheeky purchase of something i hadn't heard much about before. I actually went to the Laura Mercier stand to check out the mineral powder and started chatting to the lovely and very helpful lady and she showed me this (which i just HAD to get)... To simplify, its a metallic creme shadow that when dry has the texture of what an eyeshadow powder has. Its quite thick and depending on how strong a colour you want, this is very build-able. I got the colour Platinum which is a champaign sort of colour. I chose this shade because I'm just a sucker for these shades for my eye lids. They are just so easy to wear on an everyday basis, or even in the evening with a crease colour added on top of it. When i apply this to my lids i smear it over the lid until i reach the intensity that i want, then allow it to dry with my eye closed for about 5-10 seconds and its done. I used this the day after i purchased it and it lasted well. I applied it at 9

Happy Easter Sunday

Happy Easter everyone! So today i started by cleaning my room, like dusting and changing my bed and stuff like that. i don't know if its just me but i really like changing my bed on a sunday, as sundays are relaxing days and there's nothing better than a nice clean bed, cuppa tea and my book in the evening. I then went to the cinema to see The Hunger Games for the second time because i love it that much! Im starting to feel a little bit obsessed with it. As I'm currently reading through the trilogy I'm getting a bit Hunger Games mad.  As soon as i was in the comfort of my own home the hair was chucked up into a pineapple, and i have now hit the sofa waiting for my mums amazing Roast dinner and writing to you guys. I hope you have all had a lovely day no matter what you've done and enjoy your Easter chocs :) Mwah xoxo

Saturday and I'm playing Bingo

So todays outfit is very simple as I have only popped into town to get my nails done. I am also going to Bingo so fingers crossed i win some pennies (hopefully pounds lol). Im not sure if you can tell but i have also changed my hair colour just slightly and gone a bit brighter, let me know if you can tell :) I havent included a photo of my shoes as i am wearing the same ones from my Snake print post. Love you all! Cardi : Old school one knitted by my nan Top: Topshop Necklace: Topshop Jean: Topshop Shoes: Primark pumps xoxo

Blogger Appreciation Award

So today whilst going through all my new comments i came across one which said i had been nominated for my first blog related award by the lovely  Sher . Thank you so much :) RULES - Thank the person who gave you the award by linking their blog in your post. - answer the following (4) questions - award the blogger appreciation award to new followers/ fellow bloggies as you like - let the blogger know you have awarded them QUESTIONS 1. How long have you been blogging? 2. What are 1-2 reasons why you started blogging? 3. What types of blogs do you like to follow/read? 4. What is 1 thing you would like to improve on as a blogger/on your blog? ANSWERS 1. I've been blogging since Feb 2011 2. I first started getting interested in blogging from watching beauty and fashion YouTube videos and then found peoples blogs. I got really interested in sharing things with other people that had the same interests as me. 3. I love following fashion and beauty blogs as thats one of my bigge

Double Snake Skin

       Necklace: Accessorize Top: Next Leggings: H&M Shoes: Primark Nail Varnish: Barry M Blue Moon and American Apparel Supernova So its quite a boring outfit today I'm afraid.... As i work at a school i get school holidays off so I'm on Half Term now which is lovely. Today was a lazy day in the house blogging/reading blogs and watching stupid amounts of YouTube videos, and because of that reason i wanted something comfortable and easy. This top was a bit of an impulse really. I got it last year in November and was in Next waiting for my sister to finish work and i spotted it and just bought it. I have worn it a lot so was money well spent. The leggings i am wearing i first saw on BeautyCrush  and had wanted the American Apparel ones for a while so gave in and got the H&M look a likes :) So comfy and slimming :) Over the last few weeks i have spent too much money on clothes and little bits and bobs of make up so i will be posting a haul by the end of the week