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Essie - Mint Candy Apple

This polish is and has been spoken about a lot by other bloggers and You tubers and i admit i am a bit late jumping on the band wagon and have only just purchased it. Mint is my favorite colour for a nail polish, i have quite a large collection of them in slightly different shades. However when i saw the new Essie counter up at my local Boots (Drugstore) I had to grab a new mint coloured polish, and i am so happy i did.  I have a few polishes by Essie but from a while ago and the brush is really thin on them and i often was prone to streaks. The new brush is lovely, nice and thick and makes applying nail varnish so easy and streak free. I know packaging shouldn't really matter but i have always thought that Essie's bottles are really cute and nice enough to look at that you could put them on display in your room. I applied this polish on Saturday and took these pictures last night (Wednesday). The staying power is incredible on this polish and could have gone l

Disco Pants and Pineapple hair

Necklace: Zara Top: Topshop Disco Pants: American Apparel Shoes: Primark Bag: Zara Firstly, this outfit was worn a few days ago before it got crazy hot so no i did not brave the Disco pant is 25 degree heat. I wore this outfit the other day for non uniform at work/school when the weather was bearable. I find disco pants just go with everything so they are great to style and also u find them so comfortable to the point where sometimes it doesn't even feel like your wearing anything :/ how strange ey? The necklace and bag are new additions to my life and I'm so happy with them. The necklace is just gorgeous and has such pretty summer colours in it. And the bag is just a must have and I'm so glad i finally braved spending the money on it. The hair was shoved up as i had a few practical classes that day  so there was no point in doing anything nice to it :p This weekend has been pretty crazy which is why i arranged this outfit the other day in p

My Top 5 Shirts

To start with I'm sorry its taken me so long to actually do this post or even post at all but I've had a crazy week so far and its only Wednesday! I will update you at the weekend..... But onto the shirts. I am a huge shirt fan and wear them a lot. I have patterned ones, long sleeves, short sleeves, bright, neutral. You get the idea, i just love shirts. So here are my 5 favorite shirts which are in no particular order. 1. Zara The print of this shirt is just gorgeous, and so colourful and pretty. Its made out of quite a sheer material which is really nice and comfortable to wear on hot days tucked into some high waisted shorts or something. I've worn this out in the evening a few times with some black jeans which also looked great.  The last time i checked this shirt is still available on the website and is a great piece to have in your wardrobe to wear open over the top of another top, during the day relaxed outfit or evening on a night out. 2. Topshop conces

Saturday night: bun night

Dress: Love (Topshop concession) Belt: Primark Tights: Primark Faltforms: H&M Ring: Fashionology Nails: Essie I rarely go out clubbing and things like that but when i do i normally take so long doing my make up and hair. that i only have five seconds to get changed and normally just grab the first dress i see.  This dress has been in my wardrobe for years now and its so versatile and can be worn for so many different occasions.  I love how the neck line hangs and the wrap style makes it quite flattering. Because it quite a dull colour being navy i chose a bright belt to help lift it up which was originally on a dress i got from Primark. Sorry i didn't include a picture of my shoes, i took the picture prior to cleaning them from the last time i wore them and realised this morning that the picture wasn't that good. We all know what black flatforms look like right? So its the day after my night out and I'm in bed, just had pancakes made by

Animal Zara shirt OOTD

Shirt: Zara Jeans: (old) Topshop Boots: Topshop Allegras Purse: Monki Watch: Michael Kors Eyelashes: Baby lashes from Sally's Mac Eyeshadow: All that glitters and Rice paper Lips: Collection Creme puff in Cotton Candy So today was my sisters fashion exhibition at college and i cant begin to explain how proud i am of her (see my Instagram and Twitter for uploads) and i fancied dressing up for the occasion.  I went for something easy and an outfit that is quite minimal looking. I was so excited to finally wear this shirt as its been hanging in my wardrobe begging me to release it. This shirt was the chosen one today purely because of the gold studding on the collar as it looks nice nice along side my watch (which i wear everyday).  I never really wear heels during the day so dug out my trusty Allegras which do such a good job of allowing me to feel supermodel tall. All i needed was my phone so i just popped it in my purse and carried that inst

My Top 5 Bags

Recently i have purchased a few different bags, which made me think about my bag collection. I in fact have quite a few bags... 20 to be exact which i do think is a little crazy but i do have my favs of course. These five are the bags i absolutely love and use all the time, however two of the bags are recent purchases. But i know i will use them all the time and i am totally in love with them. So in no particular order... 1. Zara This bag has been so popular in the blogging/Youtube world and when you have one, you know why. Its such a nice colour to use in the warmer months and the colder ones and the size is just perfect for someone who likes to take one of everything with them like myself. I wasn't too keen on the rose gold hardware at first as i only own gold and silver accessories but i am no longer fazed by this and wear it anyway. The material is not leather but feels soft and also is ok to wipe if it gets a little dirty. As this is a recent purchase and have only used

Mixing Metals OOTD

Blouse: Miss Guided Sheer cardi: Miss Selfridge Wet Look leggings: Topshop Creepers: Miss Guided Bag: Zara Watch: Michael Kors Nails: Barry M Lilac and Deborah Lippmann  Hey everyone!! Before i ramble on, please accept my apologies for the quality of these photos. It was a horrible morning yesterday but i was desperate to photograph this outfit. Anyway.... onto the good stuff. So i work first thing in the morning every Saturday for a couple of hours teaching Ballet so straight after i rushed home, washed and threw together this outfit which i have to say i love. I needed something i could be in all day as i was going shopping and then straight to Bingo for the evening so i had to be comfortable. I love how the wet look leggings and creepers give off quite an edgy look, and the floaty blouse and sheer cardi have the complete opposite look, but put together and it looks great. I really enjoy mixing up textures and prints. My bag only arrived o

It's a Zara kinda day

Top: Zara Vest top: Topshop Jeans: Topshop Shoes: Russell and Bromley Bag: Zara Watch: Michael Zors Necklace: Topshop (ages ago) Nail Polish: Models Own Concrete mixer Hey everyone! In my last post i briefly explained my love and slight obsession with the shop Zara. I used to have a very love hate relationship with Zara but since January i have been hooked! They seem to just be getting it right for me at the moment, so right in fact that i have purchased 3 bags over the past weekend including this one! Im even thinking of doing a post just on my favorite bags something like a top 5? So anyway this was my outfit from Bank holiday Monday. I went into town with my boyfriend and met up with a friend for lunch. I love to eat out, whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner i actually enjoy the experience and obviously good food. If you have Instagram and love to be nosey and enjoy pictures of lots of food, make up, clothes, and randomness then plea