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Mixing Metals OOTD

Blouse: Miss Guided
Sheer cardi: Miss Selfridge
Wet Look leggings: Topshop
Creepers: Miss Guided
Bag: Zara
Watch: Michael Kors
Nails: Barry M Lilac and Deborah Lippmann 

Hey everyone!!

Before i ramble on, please accept my apologies for the quality of these photos. It was a horrible morning yesterday but i was desperate to photograph this outfit.

Anyway.... onto the good stuff. So i work first thing in the morning every Saturday for a couple of hours teaching Ballet so straight after i rushed home, washed and threw together this outfit which i have to say i love. I needed something i could be in all day as i was going shopping and then straight to Bingo for the evening so i had to be comfortable. I love how the wet look leggings and creepers give off quite an edgy look, and the floaty blouse and sheer cardi have the complete opposite look, but put together and it looks great. I really enjoy mixing up textures and prints. My bag only arrived on Friday and i was so eager to use it, however i do not yet own anything that is rose gold so i stuck with my gold watch and kept my silver studs in and i actually liked it. Over all i think looking back at this outfit that if i don't think too much about what to put with what, I'm just going to pick out items i fancy wearing and without over thinking just wearing them together. Especially when it comes to accessories i really tend to over think, like do i mix gold and silver and all that but actually sometimes it can look really nice.

Hope you liked this outfit and sorry again for the slightly bad quality pictures. The weather today has been lovely so have taken quite a lot of pictures to keep me going :) Hope you are having a lovely Sunday. Im just about to have a roast! Yummy :)

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  1. those creepers are a-mazing. LV x

    1. Thank you! They are really comfortable too! Thanks for reading xo

  2. Love the outfit & your hair is stunning! Check out my blog!

  3. i LOVE YOUR BLOG how about checking out mine ? xxx

  4. love the outfit! especially the bag! xox

    1. Thank you! Yeah i am in love with it!! They do it in black and red too xo


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