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I'm Back!!!!!

Hello all you lovely people! So it's been just over two years since my last post and I am happy to say that I am back for good. Thank you to those of you that have stayed subscribed to my blog, really made me smile, and I am very sorry for my absence.  So your probably thinking, what's the deal? Where have you been? Well where do I start.... My teacher training and my first teaching post were so full on that my spare time was taken up by studying/prepping/marking and so on. After all the training I am now a fully qualified teacher and have been teaching for two years and love it. I then met a great guy and we have bought our first house together, and have a cat! Very grown up. I will be getting a new camera soon which is exciting, and am desperate to invest in a selfie have been warned. I will most probably be posting very frequently over the next few weeks or so as I am off work. The doctor has signed me off as I am really not good (do you lik