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"Are you wearing false eyelashes"

So I have a small confession to make.... this post is late due to the fact the GBBO final was on and also TOWIE and I am kind of a big fan of them both. I am sorry. I hope you forgive me and my taste in television.

-Right on to the post-

I have always had a struggle with my eyelashes. I call them 'cow eyelashes' as they just stick forward and do not enjoy being curled. They are very stubborn and with some products refuse to hold any sort of curl. I used to use the Loreal Telescopic Waterproof until it was discontinued and I nearly cried when I walked into Boots that day and saw the rack completely empty. I went in there originally to buy a mascara so I walked away with the Loreal False Lash Telescopic Waterproof as I thought I might as well give it a go. I had my doubts when I first opened it and saw the brush as I haven't really ever liked a rubber applicator. It does helps to hold my lashes well all day and can be layered lovely without looking spider lash. It is tough to get off but if you use the right remover it just takes a while. I have now repurchased this mascara three times since that day and never thought I would lean towards another mascara, when.....

I must have a thing for Loreal mascaras as this baby was on offer in Boots and I had to buy it one because of the packaging and two because I like Manga. I didn't think much of it to start with as this was just a sort of experiment for me as I already had my love for the False Lash Effect. I was initially nervous about using this applicator as it is very tapered and rather thick and heavy looking. In fact when applied with a light hand it gave a lovely delicate look to my lashes, however I couldn't stop layering and layering and my lashes looked great and I am going to put it out there.... better than the False Lash! This does not budge no matter how many hours I have it on. I get no black flakes or any black rub offs with this mascara and I am now in love with this and it will take a miracle for another one to top this. 

If you have a mascara that you feel can take the challenge I would LOVE to hear about it.

What's your fav? 

Thanks for reading :)



  1. I've never actually tried a loreal mascara, so I'll have to give the manga one a go, it sounds great! x

  2. Hi thanks for checking out the post! Honestly I swear by Loreal mascaras. I do use a curler before but I even get some students at school asking if I have false eyelashes on. So that males it a winner for me. What do you normally use? xx

  3. I think a lot of it also depends on the wand, I prefer natural wands over plastic to enhance the more natural look. I love using plastic wands for a more dramatic eye!

    24 Hours From Home - Travel, Adventures and Beauty

    1. Yes! That's why I was a little skeptical of the Loreal but was pleasently surprised how well it pulled a nice spread out natural looking lash.

      Thanks for commenting :)

  4. Like the girl above I have also never tried a L'Oreal mascara , I'm pretty sure I was gonna pick this one up the last time I was in Boots and ended up grabbing something else in a hurry . I regret it now after reading this post. ahah It sounds so good :( I also have 'Cow Lashes' as mines just don't curl for some reason and its super annoying x Great post doll, I'll defiantly give this ago next time my mascara runs out x

    Caitriona Tighe

    1. Thanks so much Caitriona, your comment has made me smile. Honestly I actually swear by the Miss Manga mascara now. I currently have 4 coats on ...... haha. Thanks again for commenting


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