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An eyeliner that doesn't transfer?

Don't all girls/women long for an eyeliner that after an hour of wearing isn't visible on your eye lid? Well I've found one that does the job and found two that I was 'extremely' disappointed with.

I'm not a devoted eyeliner wearer, but enjoy a nice flick sometimes. Due to me having very small eyes I do like how liner can make them look so much bigger than they actually are.

Revlon Colour Stay - Black - £7.99-
The staying power in this product is just beyond lush. The nib is such a nice size as you can choose how to use it for achieving a thin or thick line. It glides on so nice and smooth and doesn't pull on your lid or anything. It's quite a thin liquid but drys quickly and gives the after effect of a very dark thick black line. I have to use a couple of cotton pads with make up remover on it and comes off nicely with a bit of a wiggle around.

Collection Extreme 24 hour felt- £2.99-
I was so excited to try this product and bought both the black and brown as I had heard so much about them and how good they were. Must be my eye shapes or the fact I have hooded eye lids but within 30 minutes the black liner had transferred onto my lid. I was so annoyed as using the felt was so easy to use and loved it. The brown liner is quite thin and not as thick and true to colour as the black. I can get around using the brown very lightly and close to the lash line.

Overall I will most probably stop using the black Collection liner but continue to use the other two. The Revlon will be my go to as it is just so nice to use and I can trust that when its on, its staying there. If you have any suggestions for some black eyeliners for me to try please let me know below.

Happy Monday all!



  1. I'd get one if I didn't suck so much at applying with those pen-type eyeliners..

    Btw! I nominated you for a Liebster award :)

    Samantha Series

    1. I really like the idea behind the felt tip nibs but the formula of the collection ones just didn't float my boat. Oh thanks love!! xo


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