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Sunday round up - 9 -

I haven't done a Sunday round up for what seems like months and knew that I had to get back into them today. My week has been good, loved the weather, had an exciting event to attend and spend a little money so all in all it was a golden one.

1- Bedtime is something I actually look forward to. A symptom of my illness is fatigue so generally I am excited to go to bed. My lovely sister got me the cat sleep mask for my birthday and have been loving using it along with my This Works products that help me to have a perfect night sleep.

2- As the sun is coming out and its starting to feel a bit more spring like. So because of this I embraced the brights and instead of a grey or a berry shade went for the orange Nails Inc NEON which I love so much. If your someone like me that lives in mostly black and grey clothing, adding a bright nail like this does wonders for your outfit.

3- Recently I've been really getting into my flavoured green tea. Because I can't drink milk or soya really I have almond milk which is lovely but most of the time I stick to herbal tea. Twinings do this great range of flavoured green teas which taste delicious. I have around 3 a day because they are that good. If your not a fan of normal green tea make sure you try this before you knock it as it honestly doesn't taste of regular green tea. 

4- An appointment with my specialist at the hospital means working from home and my everyday clothes. Loving these Nike New Balance trainers so much!!! Head over to my Instagram to check out my 'from where I stand' pictures where I tag all items. 

5- After pulling my eye mask off Wednesday morning I noticed how beautiful the sun rise was. I put no filter at all on this picture and its absolutely stunning. We have such a beautiful view from our bedroom and can't wait for summer to be here to see more beautiful sun moments. 

6- Having turned 27 at the beginning of the month I am verging on a big birthday and you may laugh but anti-wrinkle products have been in my consumption fro a good few years and am still using them religiously. I found this Caudalie set in a Fenwicks sale for a steal- Review and post HERE.

7-I was lucky enough to be invited to a Benefit and Birchbox event at the pop up 'Curls Best Friend' shop in Soho London. It was such a fab night and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Please see my post on this event HERE

8- After doing the social thing and mingling with other lovely bloggers, having some snacks, cocktails and demos we were able to have our hair or make up done by a specialist available in the shop. I was so impressed with my hair. I had to take it out before bed but was very tempted to sleep sitting up so I could wear it to work the next day. If you are going to a special party or anything and want your hair to be a show stopper, head to 'Curls best friend' before the end of the month!

9- I treated myself to a new MAC lip pencil in Beet. I had seen this used in a make up look that Nic from Pixiwoo had uploaded and fell in love with the colour. Such a nice true berry shade and looks lovely on its own or underneath a berry lipstick.

10- As it is mothers day this weekend I thought I would treat my parents to a home cooked meal at mine and Tonys. I was a little nervous as it was the first meal I had cooked for them since being in the house but luckily enough they like it. The more and more I look at our vintage sunburst clock the more I love it! Similar HERE

11- What a way to start a Saturday! A new In Style mag, caramel spread on toast and a decaf almond milk coffee... heaven. This was the calm before the storm as my pilates class was the hardest ever, sweaty betty. 

12- After a lovely Saturday myself and Tony sat down with a hot drink and put 24 on via Netflix. 6 episodes later and we finally peeled ourselves away from the sofa and dragged ourselves to bed. I hadn't stayed up that late for a long time so was shattered! 

To all you mothers out there I hope you have a lovely special day today!

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow


  1. Sounds like you have had a really lovely week! I am loving the spring sun at the minute! Very motivating to actually do things! xx

    1. Yes I totally agree however the weather down south today has taken a turn. Thanks for reading xo

  2. The MAC lip pencil is gorgeous, and your hair looked stunning at the event!

    1. Thanks love!! Oh you need the pencil, its beaut xo

  3. love the cat eye mask, so cute! the sunrise photo is beautiful x


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