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Pink for spring

Bourjois - Ole Flamingo!, Eyeko Glossy Lip Pen, Mac - Impassioned, Rimmel Apocalips - Nova, Hourglass - Ballet.
My love for pink lips becomes quite a serious love affair in the spring time and I have carefully chosen my top five pink lippies that I'll be wearing this month. Some you have seen around these parts before however I have a couple of new and old thrown in that I have been dying to wear however needed some sunshine to do so.

Bourjois £8.99- I don't need to bore you with the amazingness of this because I have banged on about it enough. But seriously this shade is so nice.A bright raspberry pinky/red it really does brighten up your face and looks stunning on pale skin tones. With the bonus of its lasting power puts this up there as number one in the pack. 

Eyeko- I had two of these from a while back and have used one of them a lot and was time to say goodbye to it. I only opened the back up one a few weeks ago and am so happy I ordered two of the same shade by accident. Being one of the deepest in the group but remaining very pink but has a blue tone to it. Blue/pinks are quite hard to wear and with this I apply it from the bullet and then smudge it over with my finger to really push the product into my lips and makes it more wearable. 

Mac £15.50- One of my all time favourites Mac lipsticks for a number of reasons and within this group I feel really does stand out. It's a very orangey/pink and is so bright and flattering on my pale skin tones as the orange adds a little warmth to my face. As its an amplified finish it is very pigmented and long lasting which comes in handy as I'm always drinking or eating. 

Rimmel £6.49- Once on the lips and dry this transforms into a baby pink shade and very matte. I find I have to wear quite a bit of base make up to pull this off because of the paleness of the product once its dried. It's lovely to apply and wear as it's super smooth and thick and glides so beautifully across the lips. 

Hourglass £23- The newest of the group! I've had this for a while now and haven't featured it on the blog until now because I was trying to get to know it more. I've wanted to try one of these Hourglass liquid lipsticks for ages now and can't say I'm disappointed in any way. It contains so many lovely ingredients to help keep your lips smooth and hydrated throughout the day and doesn't dry up on the lips. Once dry its a dark baby pink and gives a real fresh look to my face. 

Are you a fan of pinks for spring? Let me know!

Instead of a Sunday round up there will be an Easter baking treat for you all. Have a lovely long weekend.

Much love


  1. Ooo I've never swatched that MAC lipstick, but it looks gorgeous x

  2. All of these shades look amazing! Pink lipsticks are the best :)

    Emily / Glittery Teacups

    1. Yeah they really are nice! I go right off them in winter so always look forward to wearing them as soon as spring comes around xx

  3. Love this shade for the spring, i want to try them all! Thanks for the post :)

    Jennifer's Journal x


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