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What I've been loving in May

This monthly favourites is a nice varied one in which mostly contains new products. It's been a busy month where my social life seems to have rocketed some what. When planning this post I had quite a long list of favourites but wanted to keep it a small cluster. Enjoy!

Show- Finishing spray-
First of all we must address the gorgeous packaging. How luxurious and sleek! The lid is weighty and the bottle is a nice size to hold comfortably because sometime you get a large canister and can't hold it right and sprays here there and everywhere (I say hoping other people do it too). This finishing spray is great as it's build able. You can have a very light hold all the way through to super hold (doesn't move in the mind). The smell, unlike others is lovely and almost slightly fruity. Yes it's quite pricy, but honestly so worth it for something that doesn't choke you after spraying the tiniest amount. 

Skin Pep- Dark Circle Eraser-
I didn't think I would become dependant on an eye cream at 27 years old however I might have to put in an order for some back ups. I've tried quite a few different dark circle creams, but none that I've seen and felt a difference like I have with this one. I won't go on as I've already done a post where I've gone in depth HERE

Mac Lip Liners- Soar and Beet-
This month has mostly consisted of lip liners, and these two have been my favourites out of the lot purely because of the shades. Beet is such a gorgeous berry red shade and Soar is a nude pink shade. The Mac liners are so soft and really do glide along the lips with ease and last near enough all day (with a couple of fill stops). If your a fan of long lasting lip products you most certainly need to check these out. 

Clarins Gentle Eye Make Up Remover-
I've recently been using the Benefit They're Real mascara which can be a bit of a pain to get off at the end of the day so needs something tough to remove it. This Clarins remover is tough and does eventually get it all off. Even though it's the best eye make up remover I have I still need to use a few cotton pads, but is hands down the best eye remover I know. 

Acqua di Parma- Moagnolia Nobile- Even though I posted my spring scents the other day I have been using this everyday as a back up perfume I've carried around in my bag everyday. I had a few and am down to my last one. It's a lovely strong floral scent that seriously lasts a long time. As well as being a floral scent, it contains some citrus notes which you can really get a wiff of once its settled on the skin. Yes it's super pricey so something that would be a special birthday present. Try and grab some samples!

What are your favourite products from the month of May?



  1. Clarins is a great brand. I love its product with SPF15, it absorbs so quick!

    1. Yeah a really good brand, especially for skincare! xo

  2. The lip liners look really nice! I'm barely getting into them, maybe I'll try one of them! :D

    1. They really are great! I wore Soar out for the evening and have eaten a two course meal and drank cocktails and it's still there! Not as bold but it's still there :) xo

  3. I love Clarins - it's such a great brand and has such a variety of products that are affordable and still deliver on wonderful quality!!! Love, love, love!! :)

    Layla xx

    1. I totally agree. I want to expand my clarins products because of that reason xo

  4. That Show Finishing Spray sounds amazing! Such pretty packaging too!

    1. It's lovely! The packaging is just so luxe and the lid is so heavy and solid xo


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