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I want you back for good

Whilst shopping my stash the other week I came across some old favourites of mine that had been hidden under a stack of newer make up. Myself and other beauty bloggers would agree that we don't need any new make up but a little voice inside your head always says "you might as well, it is 3 for 2" so then the collection gets larger and larger. So I decided to swap everything over to give them a bit of limelight and boy was it worth it as I had forgotten how good some of these were.

Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara- is one of those mascaras that need to dry out slightly before they get really good. And this one certainly turns good. Because the wand is skinny it makes it so easy to get close to the base of the lashes and also not awkward to hold. It says that it shouldn't flake however I do experience a little but wouldn't stop me using it. It's a very intense jet black and quite a liquidy consistency  Nice as a day time mascara which gives a nice natural look and hold. 

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour lip protector-the super handy chuck in your bag lip balm that sorts out dry lips in a day of constant application. Having only had this since Christmas it's not really an old favourite. Being a bit funny about germs and sticking your finger into a pot I love the fact you apply this just like a lipstick. It's so soft and nourishing on your lips and is handy for holidays as it has an SPF 15!

MAC Mineralize skinfinish Redhead- was bought when I had bright red hair as it was advertised for people with red hair in a special collection they had going. However through the red, brown and now blonde hair it still looks great and can honestly be used no matter what hair colour you have. It gives a lovely highlight/shimmer effect to the cheeks whilst at the same time add a natural bronzed glow. So really its a blusher and highlight in one. Such a beautiful product that needs to be viewed in person to understand the beauty. 

MAC Pressed Pigment Warming Heart- I love wearing when I use the MAC blusher as they look great together. Its a pressed pigment and can take a couple of layers depending on what brush I use, but once built up it can look very opaque and incredibly bronzed. I like using this as one colour all over the lid but also sometimes as a loose, light dusting of shimmer over another shadow. Perfect if you want to transform your day time look to evening. 

Sleek lipstick Candy Cane- is quite possibly a perfect coral lipstick. The formula of these lipsticks are great and super smooth and creamy. They last well and are easy to apply straight from the bullet. Looks gorgeous with a tan and seems to enhance the darkness of your tan some how. They are so affordable and do a wide range of shades. 

YSL Touche Eclat-is mostly used on my under eye bags. It really helps to counteract the darkness and brighten it right up. The lasting power is quite good and gives such a nice natural highlight which is nice all year round. I do have to say that there are very similar ones in the high street that do a good enough job, but these YSL ones seem to last forever on the skin and forever as a product. I have them for ages before I need to buy another!

Is it time you shopped your stash and gave the old favourites a bit of love?



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