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Favourite products: August

With a blink August has been and gone which is sad as summer holidays have finished but a good thing as I am desperate for Autumn (cosy jumpers and scarfs are the one). I haven't really been on the hunt for anything new or been desperate to discover my new favourite product so this months picks are a bit of a mixture.

New specs from Specsavers- I can't stop wearing my glasses, which is a good thing as I wouldn't be able to see much without them but I'm normally a contact lens wearer. I was due a check up during last month and got some new contacts and glasses and the majority of the month I've been wearing my glasses more than the contacts. The frames are Specsavers own and are really reasonably priced and just look awesome on (head to my Instagram for a cheeky selfie). 

Body Shop cotton buds- If your like me and have gunky eyes (I know gross) but I get quite a bit of sleep and the pointed end is great for sorting that out. The horrible gross stuff out the way I use the flat end to smudge my under smoke! I apply my eyeshadow under my lower eyelashes and then use the cotton bud to smudge which does the most perfect smudge ever. Obviously there are loads of uses for these and because they are dual ended they come in handy so often.

Diorskin Nude BB Creme- As you can tell this is a sample, but the longest lasting sample I think I've ever had. I got this so long ago whilst out shopping with my mum and didn't want to pay the money for the whole product without testing it out first. The lady on the Dior counter in Bluewater was so so lovely and matched me upto this and sent me away with this sample. Hand on heart I will be going to buy this (most probably this weekend) as I haven't been able to use any other base I've love it that much. It gives a beautiful natural look to your skin and is so fresh and pretty. It hasn't got a lot of coverage as it's a light base but nothing a little concealer can't help with. 

Travalo- Having been on two holidays this August and only taking hand luggage has meant that packing light had to happen. Most of my perfumes are in lovely large bottles that look beautiful but not great for packing light. Thats where the Travalo comes in handy. It's so small and can hold 65 sprays which is perfect for a holiday get a way. You take the metal spray top off your perfume bottle and pop the Travalo on top and pump and the Travalo tops up until it can't hold anymore. Genius idea, cheap and just so useful. 

Real Techniques buffing brush- Is my ultimate Real Techniques face brush. I have two of them now and could easily re-purchase this over and over for years to come, which will probably happen. As the name suggests its great at really buffing the product into your skin and gives such a lovely finish. If your in need of a new base brush I urge you to purchase the core collection even just for the buffing brush. So easy to use and is also so great for blusher, bronzer, mineral products etc. 

Finding time to paint my nails- Barry M- Painting my nails in general has been something I've made sure to set aside time to do once a week. I find it quite relaxing and just love a fresh set of nails. Funnily enough my favourite combo this August has been black and gold glitter. I just love how it looks and your safe knowing it'll go with any outfit. Barry M have such a crazy amount of shades, are well priced and do last a good 5 days on my nails. You can't fail.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector- Are you normally rushed around during the week? In need of a quick lip pick me up? Then this is certainly something for you. This is always in my bag as it is easy to apply and you don't need a mirror. It helps to give the illusion of fuller lips without that obvious made up effect. It's not too sticky and is honestly a lovely product to have. It matches with my lip colour perfectly and just helps to make them look a bit more plump. 

Organising and reading- Evenings are so important to me and over the summer holidays it's been really nice to claim them back. Work can get too much and take over my life and everyones else's I'm sure. I've pinched (borrowed) my sisters Kindle paper light to read a book that I don't have on mine and have fallen head over heels for this Kindle. I love the touch screen as when I'm slowly falling asleep you don't have to move much to turn the page, massive win for me. As well as a bit of reading in the evening I enjoy using my endless amount of notebooks to create lists of blog post ideas, to do lists and anything that is blog related. I find mind maps really help me with blogging so these TKMaxx and Muji notebooks are next to my bed non-stop. 

If you've read the whole of this post I applaud you as it's super long. Thank you!

Link me to your favourites or tell me what yours have been.



  1. I can never find time to paint my nails! I have your exact combo of Barry nail varnish, I love how they look together!

  2. I'm such a huge fan of the Real Techniques buffing brush too, it gives such a flawless finish :)
    Love Holly x


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