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Career change and my 2017 resolutions | Happy New year

So, its New Years day and the majority of us are sporting a nice hangover I'm sure. I'm pretty luck as I never get hangovers (touch wood) but today I have to say, I feel a little ropey. As its a new year and everyones chatting about their resolutions etc, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share with you guys a little up date and what I'm planning for the new year.

I recently made a huge decision regarding my career, resulting in me leaving the teaching profession. Granted I never thought I would ever do it but health struggles, no professional progression and life/work balance got all too much for me and had to take the plunge. Teaching is hard but my god I was totally in love with it (I still am) but I think it just doesn't feel real yet until later this week when I start my new job. Having danced my whole life and been involved within the performing arts since the age of 4 it's going to be tough for me, I can feel it now. But on the positive side it will give me a chance to do these things for myself and be passionate about dancing and performing for me. My new job is exciting, different and challenging and will actually involved areas of blogging and what goes with that which is the dream right now. I'll keep you updated but to say that I'm nervous is an understatement. Wish me luck! 

In terms of resolutions, I have tried to think of small things that I'd like to incorporate into my life rather than be extremely strict and set hard unreasonable resolutions. 

1- More for me | Self love and making sure you are happy is something I feel everyone forgets about. We all love and care for others and are taught to be nice to each other, but, what about us? Me? Me myself and I? I'm a little unclear as to what and how I will achieve this other than just doing things that make me a happy person. 

2- Positive vibes | Gone are the days of me having a negative streak. I am on the path to be more positive and think happy thoughts. Yes it's hard sometimes when life tests you and your pushed to your limits, but life is just far too short. Maybe it's where I'm getting older but what is the point in being negative? There's no point and its certainly not what Jaide Poppy is about in 2017. 

3- Say yes more | Any opportunity I get in life, in my blogging life and now new career I will be saying yes more. In 2016 I said yes to things I never thought I would say yes to and the buzz, experiences and memories I now have because of saying yes is inspiring and fuelling my new passion of saying yes more. Having regrets isn't nice, and I do have some which I'm not looking into adding to. 

4- I'll do it later | This is something I do a lot. And if my mums reading this, she'll agree that I'm such a procrastinator and will just say "I'll do it later" and sometimes never do it. It comes down to little things like texting people back. I'll look at them and think, I'll reply later when I can focus on it and its most likely that I'll forget and can go on for days before I realise and then respond. 

5- Get that follower count up | I've seen and heard people say that growing your following/view count up on social media is easy. Well, I'd like to disagree and say that actually I think its bloody hard. Am I doing something wrong? If so please comment and let me know, but until I grow things like this I'm actually unable to work with particular brands and be considered for certain campaigns. It's not all about the figures, I know that but this is how most bigger brands work at the end of the day. So, creating even more content, taking part with twitter chats and rebranding my blog is being done. 

If you've got to this section of the post, I congratulate you and thank you for having a little nosey at what my focuses will be this year. I wish for happiness and love to you all and most importantly, thank you for scrolling through my blog, liking my photos and watching my videos. Honestly, I couldn't love you guys more for the support. 

Happy New Year!!


  1. Lovely post, hope you have a lovely week and good luck with your new resolutions :)

  2. I too want to up my follower count but it is honestly so hard sometimes! I loved meeting you in 2016 and hope to see you again this year!

    Isobel x

    New post:
    New Video:
    Bloglovin :

    1. I know it was so good to finally meet you. We will have to organise a day in London :) xo

  3. Good luck with the new job! Can't wait to hear all about it :) Growing a social following is indeed extremely hard! But I think it's just all down to hard work and determination :) I love these shots btw! Are these taken with the Olympus Pen? x

    1. Thanks sweet. Big move for me but excited and can't wait to get stuck in. Yeah with the pen! Standard lens and everything xo

  4. Good luck with the new job, change is as good as a rest right!? (I sound like my mum...!) I'm so bad at procrastination too haha, one of my own goals for the year! Really love all the photos too btw

    Eliza x

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah chance is good, mums know best! xo

  5. Good luck with your new job and congrats in changing careers and doing something that will suit you better, that really is a brave thing to do and I wish you lots and lots of luck chick xoxo Sarah from Iheartcosemtics %PLC%

    1. FML whenever I am typing on my work computer it writes plc at the end of each sentence so our logo goes in the footer! Sorry about that xoxo

  6. This is such a good post! I hope you really enjoy you're new job! You're shoes are super cute btw :) definitely focusing on yourself more is such a good one & growing your blog etc will come. You've got such a good blog :) xxx

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