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What's New In My Bathroom? | Beauty #Collab

I hold my hands up. I am obsessed with trying out new things and am always longing to find that perfect cleanser or that perfect hair serum. But when I think about it, I'll end up being happy to find said perfect product and sad at the same time because there's no need to continue the search. They reason why I say this is because with this bunch makes me happy! Let's start by addressing that Superdrug do skincare, GOOD skincare which is cruelty free (what a bonus). I noticed the Superdrug skincare in something that Georgie put up ( I think on Instagram) and instantly wanted it all.  I've always been told to not break the bank when it comes to purchasing moisturiser, and these bad boys certainly keep my bank happy. There's not much to say about the day cream other than it soothes my skin and is pretty nice underneath my foundation/concealer. The black moisturiser is crazy, and actually black! I'm not sure how I managed it but I didn't kno

Guilt free raw dairy free fudge | Freeform snacks

I need the fridge and cupboards stocked with healthy snacks and treats as I'm totally and utterly a 'little and often' person. I'm not supposed to have three huge meals a day because of my Colitis so, I tend to just have one proper meal and lots of little things. Having bliss balls or healthy fudge there ready when you want something sweet is perfect, and this recipe is a personal favourite and wanted to share it with you all to enjoy. To make raw, vegan, refined sugar free fudge you will need: Coconut Oil - 1 cup  Vanilla Extract - 1 TBS Peanut Butter - 1 cup Cacao Powder - 1 TBS Maple Syrup - 1 TBS  It's literally as easy as putting in all of the ingredients into a bowl and mixing them all together. A bit of a tip, either melt your coconut water a bit or keep it at room temperature over night the day before you want to make it.  The fact making these are so easy, means theres no excuse at all to reach for naughty fudge or chocolate

A beautiful Sunday in Whitstable | Collaboration

Whats a sunny Sunday without a walk by the sea? Living so close to the sea is something I really take for granted and I'm trying to make a conscious effort to go there more. As soon as the sun showed its face, I knew it was a day to be comfortable (however I underestimated the heat wearing jeans).  Popping into my fav juice cafe and sitting on a bench and watching the time drift by was perfect, and hit the spot and made for one of the best ways I've ever spent a Sunday.  So, lets get down to business........ Accessories can really make an outfit. When you think about it, I'm wearing such a basic outfit and without the way its been accessorised, it wouldn't look put together or thought about at all. When Jewellery Box asked me if I'd like to collaborate and choose some pieces to style and I was so excited as I'd recently been stalking the website. You've probably seen all over social media, hoop earrings have made a huge comeback and had to ge

My IBD story - Colitis and me

Two years ago I was at rock bottom. I was signed off work, unable to eat, couldn't stop sleeping, constantly felt sick and would need to rush to the loo after everything I attempted to eat. This was only the beginning of my life turning upside down and really testing my strength. Since sharing a few posts and food pictures, I've had lots of interest in me sharing more information on my health and lifestyle. What better way to start than to share my journey with you up until now.  Until January of this year I was a secondary school teacher. Constantly on the go with not enough time in the day to even nip to the loo, let alone have a proper lunch break. I loved my job so much and never doubted my love for it. Summer holidays 2015 hit and I had two holidays booked to Berlin and Spain but, I had felt a little under the weather with my glands deciding to swell up and become very firm. Before going away I decided to visit the doctor to get checked over before jetting off, and a