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Healthy RAW "Snickers cheesecake"

Scrolling through Pinterest and pinning all of the recipes that call themselves healthy versions of naughty treats is a huge past time of mine. I saw a recipe for a ' Healthy Snickers ' and decided to give it a go and make some little adjustments to make it my own.  I'm not supposed to have dates, but I can have a few on a good day so this recipe was mostly created for my family and friends. More experimenting needs to happen for me to find a complete replacement for them so I can eat it all!  Ingredients and measurements: Bottom layer 150g dates  150g pecans  1 tsp maple syrup  "Cheese" layer 300g soaked and drained cashews  1/2 tin of reduced fat coconut milk  2 tbsp maple syrup  1 tbsp vanilla extract  3 tbsp coconut oil  1 tbsp lemon juice  Caramel sauce  2 tbsp maple syrup  2 tbsp coconut oil  2 tbsp smooth peanut butter 1 tbsp almond butter 1 tsp vanilla extract  Chocolate sauce As much as I wan

Candid seaside shot, goals and open mouth smiles | Life chit chat

Getting myself outside more is most definitely helping me in terms of how I'm feeling mentally. This year hasn't started off the best, so making myself go out and walk by myself or with family and friends is becoming a regular and positive thing.  Since I spoke recently about my IBD story on here, I feel I've lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and can speak to you guys more openly about what struggles I go through with my condition. I was struggling with Colitis and my health last year and changed career from January which has made me more aware of fitness and my activity. Having been a dance teacher for years and going to a desk job, I've now become one of those who is obsessed with my daily steps and my daily movement. I'm tracking mine at the moment with my iPhone but am thinking of investing in either an iWatch or a FitBit to get a more accurate amount. It's good for everyone to get out and move but for a bowel condition, it's incredibly impo