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Why The Glossier Hype Is Real

Last year saw a lot of trends in the blogging world. We had the millennial pink situ, marble everything and of course who could forget.....Glossier. After waiting what felt like forever for this brand to come over to the UK (or at least be available in the UK), and lets be frank we went mental for it.  It wasn't just the products themselves that got all the attention, it was the packaging that these beauties came in. Who would of thought bubble wrap would be in so much demand, and I for one am in love with my two pink bubble wrap sleeves that go everywhere with me.  Glossier's price point isn't bad, however some might argue that for the money the products are quite small. Lets take the  Glossier balm Dotcom , it's £10 for one tube which yes is pricey. It's not that bad when you compare to the likes of  NUXE Rêve de Miel   which is also £10 and 15ml, it's just the packaging is quite deceiving.  I can hear you all now  "but are the products actua