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Cruelty Free Beauty | Brands and Product Favourites

Good day beauties!

So, you guys have been messaging me here, there and everywhere about sharing my top cruelty free beauty products and brands with you. 

And because my cruelty free living post did so well, guess what you guys have today? 

You've guessed right! And I'm super happy to share with you some top beauty products and brands I reach for, but first I'd like to just share with you why going cruelty free is good. 

For me, having a cruelty free lifestyle means not using anything containing animals or their by-products, or using products where animals have been mistreated and used for testing them, and is the way I wish I had chosen to live my life a long time ago. Make up and skincare are products are materialistic in my eyes. We want these things and like them, so I think it's so unfair for innocent animals to be used, killed, kept in awful conditions and tested on against their will just so we could have that new mascara. There's just no need for it in my eyes which is why I've chosen to be cruelty free with my beauty and living products (just a bit of background for ya). 

Anyway, before I go on a tangent, let's get sharing some amazing brands that care about animals and conduct no animal cruelty. Whoop whoop! 

I thought we'd start with eyeshadow, and my go to palettes that I find myself using and loving over and over again. 

I'm going to put it out there and declare my love for Revolution Beauty. The mother ship that has the likes of Makeup Revolution, Makeup Obsession and more. The affordability of their products, the pay off you get from the shadows, and the quick turn around of products (with new ones being released all the time) it's just fab! Pictured are just three of my fav palettes from the Revolution Beauty family, Sophie Does Nails palette, Chocolate palette and the create your own Makeup Obsession palette. Honestly if you're thinking about transitioning to a more cruelty free beauty life, the Revolution Beauty family are the guys to hit up for an affordable transition. 

Also in my most reached for is the Kat Von D 'Shade and Light' palette, Pixi miniature shimmers palette, the Smashbox palette and a duo 3INA shadow. Now the Kat Von D palette isn't the cheapest thing around that's cruelty free, but the peach shade (top right) is my most fav peach shadow ever! And I often find myself using the brown to the left of it for my contour, so it can be pretty versatile. 

The Smashbox, Pixi and 3ina palettes are small so great for travelling, and all three have great payoff and lasting qualities. Whenever I wear the copper or raspberry shade from the Smashbox palette, I get so many compliments andddddd it lasts for so long! 

In short, all the palettes and shadows above are from cruelty free brands, mixed in price range and are all excellent value for money. Offering brilliant payoff, blendability and value. 

I can be a little picky when it comes to mascara, and in my time of being cruelty free I've honestly tried so many. Everyone is out to find the BEST mascara out there aren't they, and these three are my fav out of all the ones I've tested in the last couple of years. 

For a daily mascara I reach for the Glo&Ray as it adds length, volume and isn't too much of a heavy consistency. It's my chuck it on and run out the door mascara as it doesn't fail to give me the boost my eyes need on an everyday basis. 

When I'm really wanting my lashes to be super long, separated and fluttery I hit up my pink Glossier babe. This is pretty new on the market so I've not had it long, but it was love at first use. No smudges, no black bits at the top of your lid, and separates your lashes so beautifully. I find it's not great to build up, so one coat applied quickly does the trick and won't budge. 

On the other side of mascara life. The dramatic, built up, intense lash is where the 3INA Lengthening Mascara comes in. This bad boy is cracked out when I want some drama, and with it being so great to layer you can really get your lashes looking intense. 

Brows are my thing, and would rather leave the house with my brows done over anything else. The NYX Eyebrow Gel is one of my ultimate favs for a strong brow (preferably when you have some time to spend on them) along with the NYX Tint. The only downside there is with this product is that you need a bit of time to work with it, as it's not the quickest product to use but has fab results for a strong brow. 

My quick brow friends are Glossier Boy Brow which gives that model brushed through bushy brow you see in magazines. If I fancy having my brows a little heavier than Boy Brow then the Glo&Ray Brow Pencil and Browcote does an awesome job. 

Now I'm going to be honest with you. Gone are the days where I wear heavy winged liner and things like that. But when I fancy a little summink, these are the guys I grab out of my stash. For a liquid winged liner I rotate between my Glo&Ray and 3INA ones. They're both epic liners and last for the entire day without rubbing off and all that jazz, which is always what I want from a liquid liner. 

I pop the shimmer pencil Glo&Ray liner in the inner of my eye, or underneath the bottom lash line to jazz up my eye look. This of course isn't a daily thing as who has time for that in the morning????

"It's all about that base, bout the base"

If you've followed me for a while you'll know that I love having a light base, and then if I have a blemish to go in with concealer. (Revolution Concealer) My skin is so sensitive when loaded with makeup so the lighter the better really. 

Let's start with the lightest base I use on a daily work basis, which is the Glossier Skin Tint. It gives such a nice flush of colour and glow, without it being caked on and clutching to dry patches. It's just a lovely tint and manages to cover some redness which is a massive plus, and where my next light base product comes in. Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue offers a heavier coverage compared to Glossier, but is still a light base. It manages to cover more and isn't as glow intense. 

For a flawless face every time I use the Revolution Pro Foundation Drops. They are wonderful to use! And it took so long for me to try it, but I'm so happy I have it in my life now. I apply it with my beauty sponge and gives me such a beautiful base, where I don't need concealer really. 

*We're nearly at the end guys, stay with me babes*

I'm a little bit of a lip balm addict, and will never turn down buying a new release as my lips can get so crazy chapped and dry. A handbag isn't complete without a lip balm for on-the- go use. 

Now, you're probably sick of seeing so many Glossier products but if I were to tell you one thing you should get from them, its . This cherry one is my most used and favourite of all. The scent, the slight red tint it leaves and the lasting moisture it gives your lips.... to me, this is exactly what you want in a lip balm. 

Getting a little funky now with MyMood and their bullet lip balm in I'm Shook! It's cute, small and convenient to carry around and makes my lips super duper smooth. As much as I love the Glossier one, I do reach for this MyMood one when I'm leaving the house as I'm a little bit of a germaphobe and would prefer to apply from a bullet when I'm out and not my finger. 

Here come the big guns. It's onto the lips (one of my personal beauty addictions). 

I have so many lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, lip stains and the list goes on. It was easy to grab my most used but I have way more I would love to share with you. But we'll leave that for another day. 

Liquid lipsticks are my ultimate fav and even when I don't apply them thick and opaque, I like to put a few dabs of it onto my lips and blend out with my finger, giving a more light everyday lip look. Even when I go for the lighter look, I use Lipcote to lock in the colour for longer. It's an old favourite of mine and my mum's, and has been around for years because of how great it is. 

So, here's my most used lip products right now. In no particular order may I add. 

Liquid lipsticks used frequently and loved for their lasting power and beautiful shades include 3INA for when I'm feeling a bright pink vibe. It especially looks great applied thinly with some balm on top. Both the Smashbox and Revolution Pro liquid lipsticks are basically the same shades, with the Revolution Pro one being slightly darker. It really falls down to what one I see first as I love them both the same. When applied thickly, they both last for an entire day! They are literally incredible. The last liquid lipstick is a Kat Von D in Lovesick; one purely for the shade as it's super pretty and my spring/summer must have, and two its really comfortable to wear and lasts through eating. 

On to the more traditional style of lipsticks, firstly with Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red. This is the most stunning and traditional red lipsticks. All of the matte lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury are long wearing and the packaging is stunning. The Glo&Ray lipsticks are  much more affordable in comparison to Charlotte Tilbury ones, and give just as good longevity. They carry more of a variety of vibrant colours, with the packing very sleek and thin which is perfect to have in your handbag. 

Phew..... wipes brow.

We're done!

That was probably the longest post ever, but I really hope it's been helpful to share with you the brands I buy from and products I love that are all cruelty free. 

I've tried my best to link everything I've mentioned (with some links being affiliate). And if you have any questions about cruelty free beauty, please send them my way.



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