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*This post features an advertorial with P'URE Papaya Lips
Hi, hey, how are ya?

It's been a while I know, and I'm sorry. I needed some time to settle into freelance life (which, I'm loving btw), and just some time to get into the new swing of things you know. 

So anyway, that can be saved and chucked into a separate blog post (let me know if you fancy that). 

Over on Instagram I've been sharing the odd product here and there over the last few months regarding skincare, as my skin went super dry as soon as the seasons and weather changed. My skin was flaking it was that dry, and my lips were red raw and went without lipstick as I couldn't bare to put anything on them at all. Thankfully I ended up creating a nice little routine....more on that in a bit, and found some new must haves for hydrating and softening the skin and lips. 

Lets start from the bottom to the top ey? I like being awkward! And, before we get stuck in, these are all products I use on a rotation and not all at the same time. My skin enjoys it when it swap around products from time to time, so this is the group I'm reaching towards. 

'Hoarder of lip balms' should be in my bio somewhere as I seriously love them. Dry lips have always been an issue for me, but, not joke here. Since the first time I used this product back in October to now my lips haven't been dry and chapped. I've been very regimented with my use of the Pure Papaya Lips, applying it morning and evening without fail. Morning being a thin layer, with the evening layering being nice and thick so it can soak in (as long as I don't face plant the pillow). 

It not only sorts out your dry and chapped lips like a boss, but it smells so delicious. Pure Papaya is 100% natural, palm oil free and vegan and well worth picking up. The texture is so silky smooth (which I think is down to the Shea butter and macadamia oil) my lips just lap it up and seem to love this beauty of a product. 

Sun damage is a massive factor in ageing skin which is something I really want to slow down as much as possible. Now it's only really been this year that I've taken SPF seriously, and now I apply it religiously no matter what the weather, place or day I have ahead. Before using this I hadn't a clue what Broad Spectrum meant. So this is for you guys out there who are like me. Broad Spectrum SPF will protect you from both UVA and UVB. UVA rays are the nasties that will age you, and give you wrinkles and age spots. NO THANK YOU. And UVB are the nasties that will burn your skin with over exposure and no protection can lead to cancer. 

This SPF is honestly so great!I could rave about it over and over. I apply it right at the end of my routine, brush my teeth, apply my Pure Papaya Lip and I'm good to get cracking on with applying my makeup. It acts as a great base more often going straight ahead with my base product of choice without using a primer, and for me works a treat. 

These two bad boys come as a pair, and work together perfectly. The Barrier Defense Booster which helps to nourish skin, relieving dryness and strengthens the barrier for future irritation, can be used as a stand alone product or mixed in with your moisturiser. I personally really enjoy mixing it in. I couldn't tell you why but I just do. 

I sent over a message to Dermalogica when my skin first decided to turn as dry as sand paper, asking for their advice and recommendations and this was what they recommended. I don't think I'll ever stop using this product because I really believe it's one of the main things that's helped me out the most. When mixed with the Dynamic Skin Recovery the concoction smooths over your skin and sinks in like a dream, almost instantly softening up any dry areas. 

An extra step to add in some hydration that my skin always needs. This product helps to shield your skin against environmental stress and locks in moisture for lasting hydration. I apply this step before my moisturiser and after serum. This cream is another product I feel thats really helped with my really bad patch, and find again my skin drinks it up good and proper. 

These two beauties have only been in my life for just over a month now, and you know when you just know. 

I use the Superfuit Extract Serum in the morning, which has a thick texture and iridescent sheen which is oh so pretty. The smell is delicious, good enough to eat and glides across your skin in a silk like fashion. As soon as I incorporated this into my routine I noticed a difference in my skin. It claims to "help protect against dryness caused by environmental damage" which as you know dryness is a main concern of mine. Anything I can get hold of to help with the dryness of my skin I nab, and this with everything else I have going on is working. 

Now, along with my dryness, I've been having issues with my overall texture to my skin. I think because it gets so aggravated due to the dryness, the rest of my skin kicks off and get just general irritation and uneven texture. I can't say I've noticed anything specific that this product has helped with, but it feels great when you apply it and the following morning your skin feels super smooth. 

Having already published a post a while ago declaring my love for Glossier, seeing this product in the line-up shouldn't be a surprise to most of you. Although having said that, the Milky Jelly Cleanser is normally the skincare hero from the brand. This exfoliating toner is supposed to of course exfoliate, but removes the dead skin cells which can clog up healthy skin. After time it should help to smooth out the skin, with claims on how your skin should be looking clearing displayed boldly on the website as guidance. 

As a skincare enthusiast, I watch countless videos weekly on skincare. Different peoples product reviews and routines etc, so have heard a lot about acids and how good they are for your skin. This exfoliating toner contains a "10% blend of three acid groups: Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), and Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA)", and my skin loves it! In general I'm a fan of acid toners anyway, and have obviously given the Pixi Glow Tonic a whirl. Why have I picked this over the Pixi one, is it weird that I prefer the smell and the dispenser which makes me reach for this one more? With focus on the product, I find my skin reacts better to the Glossier Solution more than the Pixi, and see more results in a short space of time. 

Dermalogica | Special Cleansing Gel ~

This cleanser is up there for me as one of my favourite cleansers ever, and the amount of cleansers I've tried over the years is a number I'd like to keep to myself. My skin is highly sensitive to change and particular products, so I had everything crossed when I first tried it out for the first time. 

The fact this cleanser is a gel is a big win for me. It helps to sooth my skin as well as clean it. Rinsing away any toxins in the skin in a super gentle way that can be followed daily, this cleanser is multi award winning for a reason and it would certainly get an award from me. It simply just does the job it says it will do and doesn't disappoint. There isn't much of a scent, but a fresh smell and feeling which feels great. My skin doesn't feel dry after using it as it helps to keep your natural moisture in the skin. 

Now this products is basically big brother to my final product in my skincare routine. 

Dermalogica | Precleanse ~

Waterproof smwaterproof, honestly this pre cleanse product is a must for getting off all that makeup leaving a clean face to cleanse and actually clean the skin. It's so good at breaking down any makeup I wear, even taking off tattoo eyeliner which is 24hr smudge proof. This bad boy means business, and use it all over my face and neck including directly on my eyes. 

Before this was introduced to me I never used a product specifically for pre cleansing. I occasionally dabbled in the double cleanse thing instead of taking my makeup off with cotton pads and micellar water. Now this is firmly in the routine I won't ever be skipping this step thats for sure. 

So that's my winter skincare update for you gorge guys and gals. 

If you're a long time reader of the blog (then thank you so so so much and I love you) you'll be aware that I'll only share my 100% true thoughts on products. So if you are interested in any of the above, please do comment or message me on social media if you have any more detailed questions about them. I always love chatting to you guys!

Have a wonderful Christmas if I don't speak to you guys again before the big day.



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