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Dreamland For Spring/Summer 2019 - Press Trip

*press trip It's that time of year again, DREAMLAND is open for business! I get so many questions about Margate and DREAMLAND  in particular, so why not do another post for you.  As a South Kent girl through and through, this place has a special place in my heart. Full of nostalgia, and pride of what it's like now.  You may or may know that I've actually created two blog posts already from DREAMLAND , but wanted to give you a little update on it. I also played around with my camera and a new setting so it's a bit of experimenting too haha.  Shall we? Lets get the disclaimer out the way if you didn't catch it in the top right corner. I was invited to the park on this day as press, so received a free wristband, food and drink tokens. I wasn't asked to create a blog post in any way, but I always like to as you guys like it and its such a fun place to photograph.  Now on to DREAMLAND: I can't describe how much fun I always ha